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Chidi Okereke: The power of a single tweet


Chidi Okereke is a social media influencer

Chidi Okereke is a social media influencer and a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt. He is known on twitter as @chydee. In his speech at #TedxGwallemeji, he gave an insight into his journey into the world of content marketing, how he switched his career aspiration from being an Engineer to becoming one of the most sought-after influencers in Nigeria.

This story serves as inspiration form young ones who are seeking employment to leverage the power of social media to network, create jobs and wield influence in their chosen fields.

Chidi Okereke is a social media influencer


Eighty Three. That is the number of emails I sent when I was looking for a job. Emails containing my CV, and asking employers and HR people to help my situation. But only one asked me to come for a physical interview. Unfortunately, I was serving in Kogi State then, and the job was in PH. The pay was also small, and I wasn’t even guaranteed the job, so I didn’t go. Mad people.


You see, if you studied Engineering, and didn’t graduate with a 2:1 at least, you had no business applying for jobs in companies like Shell, NLNG, Mobil, etc. And these oil companies are the reason we studied Engineering in the first place.


I was still wondering what I was going to do with my 2nd-class-lower life when I wrote something, and shared on Twitter. Someone reached out to me and said he liked what I wrote, and wanted me to come work in his organization. In his words, “Do you want to blog for N50k or fly private jets”? Look at me that had been ignored/rejected over 100 times being asked this kind of juicy question. Of course, I said yes, and 3 years+ later, even though we’re not where we want to be, we’re not where we used to be. Me that I was slim from hunger (check my old photos), I am now paying Gym Instructors to help make me slim again, because, too much food.

Chidi Okereke is a social media influencer


It all started with “one tweet”, and that was the theme of my presentation at #TedxGwallemeji. One tweet can change your life. One story can change the lives of people around you. One Instagram post. One blog article. One Whatsapp message. One. But are you telling those stories? Are you making those moves? Are you strategic with the impression you create?


People say I am savage, annoying, witty, kind, smart, unapproachable, haughty, dependable, honest, etc. Not perfect, but for the most part – the ones I’ve heard at least – it’s all positive. What kind of person do people say YOU are?


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