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33 creative and catchy short status for Whatsapp in 2018


short status for Whatsapp

Do you know the short status for Whatsapp is good if well annexed?

The beauty of technology is in innovation and creativity. The latest upgrade to the popular chat app (Whatsapp) saw the introduction of status updates which has become an everyday tool for lovers of the app. Whatsapp status can be used for a lot of purpose ranging from Blogging, Business, and Daily life updates.

The benefit is very numerous when used appropriately. Imagine the stress involved in sending a broadcast to all your contacts; it’s better putting short status for Whatsapp for your contacts to view. It can also be used to send a short bio of yourself out.

A brief overview of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a chat app for interaction between people. It’s a freeware and cross-platform messaging and voice over IP (VoIP) service. The application enables users to exchange text and oral messages, images, and documents. It can be run on both desktop and mobile phone. A large percentage of users of WhatsApp mostly access via mobile.

The introduction of short status for Whatsapp makes using the app more fun. Information can quickly be passed to a wide range of people within a short period.

You don’t need to bore your Whatsapp short status viewer, below is a list of creative and catchy short status for Whatsapp.

1.Look before you leap.

2.Life is short- Chat fast!

3.Everyday I become an Upgraded version of myself

4.If you are texting two people at the same time, Is it safe to call you Bi-textual

5.My girlfriend is like Nokia; I don’t have Nokia.

6.An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

7.I can’t date you I’m not a calendar.

8.God must love stupid people. He created many of them.

9.When in doubt, cast it.

10.I don’t buy what you are selling.

11.This status is probably outdated. Much like my wardrobe nothing new to see.

12.My past is a broken record.

13.Not enough space

14.I am no more special than the next person

15.I am Peter Pan, an alien from Mars.

16.I am to busy getting stronger. I’m like snow . Beautiful but cold.

17.I’m hotter than hot.

18.Lion doesn’t behave like humans.

19.If you are scared, say you are scared.

20.I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention to my status.

21.Why are you viewing my status?

22.Why must you view my status?

23.If you view my status, we are dating automatically.

24.My status is a shoe if you view I will step on your face.

25.I have nothing to say, kindly move away.

26.Be wise!

27.Live! Love!! Learn!!!

28.Loading…………………………………………….Virus detected.

29.Rated 18+

30.Silence is golden.

31.I love you.

32.United we stand divided we fall.

33.Reading is fun.

Hope you find this short status for Whatsapp catchy enough for your next status update.


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