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4 Benefits of using social media to brands and individuals


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Benefits of using social media are much if you are strategic about the way you go about it. Social media is the new order of the day; technology has brought a lot of innovations to the world that is revolutionizing the way things are done in the world today.

Most people embrace the communication use of social media and have made less use of the financial aspect or benefits entrenched in the use of social media. Few people have been able to use social media to catapult themselves to success and push their brands to the eye of the world.

Every niche, hustle or career in life requires the use of social media. It is an untapped gold mine filled with a lot of gold to be unearthed if done well can bring a lot of resources an exposure to the table. The number of social media users in the world is expected to hit the 2.77 billion mark according to Statista. That shows that the world is gradually becoming a global community thanks to the advent of social media. A lot of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

The following are the benefits of using social media:

1)    Brand exposure: PR is one of the ways of promoting a brand to the public. New media is gradually taking over from traditional media, and it’s somehow cheaper. A new brand product can easily be made available to the public through the use of social media. A brand should have a solid presence on social media to compete favorably in the market. Every brand should endeavor to have a social media department. Small business owners with little capital can push their services out to the public at a little cost.

2)    Money making venture: An individual or brand can quickly make money on social media. There are a lot of individuals who have become Twitter, Facebook or Reddit influencers and are smiling home to the bank on a steady basis. Rather than spending time on unprofitable ventures on social media, you can turn your large followership into money by running campaigns for brands.

3)    Helps you to learn more: social media allows you to learn more about any given topic of your interest. Let me use twitter as a case study, if you are someone that is interested in the happenings in the Cryptocurrency world, you can quickly follow influencers who are knowledgeable about the topic or follow a blog that will keep you updated about the given issue. One of the leading Cryptocurrency influencers is John MacAfee. As a fashion lover, you can do well to follow various clothing brands like Nike, Adidas, and Gucci.

4)    Create a network: Social media has made the world a global village; it is easy to network with people of like minds on social media. A lot of friendship and relationship have been made on social media; some people have captured their dream job on a various social media platform.


Creating a community or brand on social media takes a lot of time and hard work, mainly if your brand is little known. If your brand to gain prominence or want to promote an ideology or campaign, social media is the place to be; it can also make you your boss by taking away from the labor market.


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