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4 lessons I learn about the COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria


A lot of economies all over the world have been crippled. The effect is generally felt more than another, depending on the strength of their economic policy. Developing countries that my country of birth and residence Nigeria fall under the category have started feeling the financial implication of the lockdown with a total and partial lockdown in some states of the federation.

As a worker in the creative industry and also a freelancer in my spare time. I love to share lessons I learn in the last few days from a tech-enthusiast perspective.

  • Nigeria is not ready for remote work:  The Nigeria tech industry has been clamoring for the need for employees to enable them to work from home, especially in places like Lagos where commuting to walk is a herculean task. From my observation for the past 3weeks, it is obvious Nigeria is not ready for the work from home policy. Nigeria has not fully internalized technology into its workspace. The government parastatals are majorly hit by this lockdown. Most workers are fixated in the traditional way of doing things.
  • Health is Wealth: The pandemic has shown that the number want of men is good health; another thing is temporary. It is when one is healthy that other aspects of life can be religiously sorted. COVID-19 has made people have anxiety as regards what the future holds. The song on every lip is ‘survival’ when survival is adequately taken care of, other aspects can be taken care of, and a lot are also dealing with a breakdown in there that is not associated with the physical as mental and emotional health.
  • Huge technology investment is needed in the education sector: In a generation where EDUTECH is a wild spread, Nigeria has not really taken advantage of it to make life easier for its students. Having been a product of Nigeria’s university education, the lack of integration of technology as a teaching tool is abhorring. The Nigeria school is on lockdown whereby their colleagues in other advanced countries have continued to embrace online teaching to make the student engaged during this period in time. A lot of factors mitigating against the students learning online ranged from epileptic power supply to high cost of Data.
  • Fake news is cancer: The advent of social media has led to the wide-spread of fake news, people sit on their couch and hide behind their keyboard to cause anxiety and panic in the social media sphere, the highest being Whatsapp BC that is mostly made viral by the older population.

The problem listed here doesn’t look like what will go away soon, even after the pandemic. The government needs to have a sustainable plan for the tech industry and not that filled with photo-ops during the pre-election period.

I know this period is not really an easy one for everybody, I’ll encourage everyone to adhere strictly to the guidelines that the WHO has provided.



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