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5 BIG Things LinkedIn Can Do For You.


5 BIG Things LinkedIn Can Do For You.Do you know big things LinkedIn can do for you?

LinkedIn is not as boring as you may be led to believe; on the contrary, it is one of the most interesting platforms for knowledge seekers and people looking to advance quickly in their careers.
Looking for a job or recognition for your business and brand, LinkedIn is a place to be.
Here are 5 great ways to gain from LinkedIn:

1. You are opened up to (genuine) job offers.

A lot of people have gotten jobs from LinkedIn. You just need to have a well set profile, and see things begin to happen for you. This profile is like your social media Resume and could be what an employer needs to see to decide that you deserve a call up. LinkedIn also has a job alert feature which can really help you.

2. You can connect and interact with (top) professionals within and outside your field.

If there is any social site that can give you an insight into the business profile of top executives and an opportunity to engage them where they are quite likely to respond, it is LinkedIn. What more? You can even begin to *stalk* or creatively connect with a future employer.

3. You can get tailored interactions based on who’s checking your profile.

LinkedIn has a feature that tells you who’s been checking out your profile. This could help you to create new relationships. Last week, I met a full name sake by this feature and we have been talking. Asides this, you can use this feature to creatively start conversations and pitch your brand/business.

4. With LinkedIn, you can get career enhancing recommendations and testimonials.

LinkedIn offers a feature through which you can get other people to recommend you for skills you possess. People with a number of recommendations and testimonials have a great chance of attracting an employers’ attention.

5. You can land international jobs with LinkedIn

I am seriously targeting this too. Already did a few contract jobs, but I am looking for the one that will take me out of here totally and give me the 5 star life. Lol. Jokes apart, LinkedIn is a global networking platform. If you are interested in landing jobs overseas, you can get a lot of benefits by networking on this social media website. You can connect with international employers and find jobs in other countries.

In conclusion, I will like to say it’s about time you created your profiles on LinkedIn and started using this social media platform for connecting meaningfully. You may already have a strong base here, having another one elsewhere never hurts, does it?


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