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5 big things social media can do for job seekers or professionals


Do you know the big things social media can do for job seekers or professionals?

To some people social media is a place for banter and have fun, looking for the next person to savage and make major gossip blog outlets.

Some group of people sees it as a place to let out their frustration on key issues affecting them or society. Some groups see it as a place of learning and have a lay hold on critical information that can lead to career advancement.

For those looking for a new job, wants to change careers or looking towards career advancement, take a ride with me as we journey to learn how social media can help in taking the next step in career advancement.

You are open to genuine job offers: A lot of people have testified to how social media got them a job. I am a testimonial to this, I got my present job as a result of a vacancy update on Twitter. It’s easier in this information age to get access to recruiters of various companies, all that is needed to be done is to follow on the various social medium platform. LinkedIn is a great place to learn from experts in the chosen field of endeavor. Openings come directly from the company’s recruitment heads and help to avoid attending scam interview invitees.

Helps to learn from industry giants: A lot of respected people in various fields of life, share their experience and hacks on how to be successful in their various fields. Opportunities to shoot your shot to them sometimes present itself, which if done strategically can yield great results. The latest trends or skills needed to survive in the industry are also being shared regularly.

You can share your knowledge: With the advent of social media, it’s easy to share your knowledge and become an authority on a particular niche and this gives you an unimaginable exposure. A Nigerian once got work on a major project with Mercedes by tagging the social media handle on a sample work he did with their product. A lot of people have through the sharing of their knowledge on social media become key speakers at various conferences home and abroad.

It can turn into a full-time job: A lot of people have turned social media to a full-time job, and are making big cash that has transformed their life just by pressing phone and system at the corner of their room. With a lot of companies paying attention to influencer marketing, the field is going to be bigger.

Promote your business: Entrepreneurscan usesocial media to promote their business to the world, the customers are scattered all over social media, all that is needed is an effective strategy to make them buy and most importantly having a credible image is also a plus.

In conclusion, it’s time to take social media seriously and treat it as a business, it should not be taken seriously most of the time, there should be a time to joke around, regardless one must be careful of not ruining future opportunities chasing clouts. 


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