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 5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2018



The cryptocurrency market has been growing significantly lately, with a lot of people investing in different cryptocurrencies, most especially bitcoin. There are many advantages in bitcoin, some of which people are already aware of. Here are five reasons why you should invest in bitcoin in 2018;

Bitcoin is the forefront of the prevailing Crypto Market.

Cryptocurrency moved toward becoming a predominant actuality in 2017. In some parts of Asia, a dominant part of the youth have invested in cryptocurrencies.
More individuals are getting interested in it. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency these days, there are others, but why is bitcoin the main? Bitcoin has a lot of advantages over other cryptocurrencies. It is the most recognizable cryptocurrency, most reliable, established and most solid as well as the oldest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the pillar upon which all other cryptocurrencies are traded.


Financial Assets will bring in institutional money and the Public.

There has been increased regulations on bitcoin exchanges, at the same time, we have seen financial assets that are bitcoin based. An example is GBTC Bitcoin Investment Trust.
In the following stage we will see numerous kinds of cryptocurrency finances spring up all around the world, along with ETFs. This not just enables expansive investors to enter the market, it likewise paves the way for the public. As these securities end up accessible to purchase, it is an entire turning point.
Despite the fact that there will probably be securities dependent on other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, it is in that sense that bitcoin has an advantage over them. It is the most stable, most dependable coin with the biggest market capitalization. Bitcoin based financial assets are well on the way to get approved by regulators and in this way turn out to be a piece of institutional investments and contributions.


The Global Economy is about to collapse

The economic circumstance is insecure everywhere throughout the world. Bitcoin is a reasonably non-correlative resource and will probably profit by the potential crumple of the economy. This means it will be wise to have some investment in bitcoin.
The economy has fallen in recent years because of debts that have become unsustainable.It is very likely that in years to come, we will see a considerably bigger collapse.
In that kind of circumstance, the value of commodities like gold will rise, this time bitcoin will likely take the place. Bitcoin can be moved easily to anyplace without stress. It can be moved without any restriction as well.


Sentiment in the Market is a reason to Invest now.

Due to the present condition of the crypto market, a lot of investors have given up or lost hope, this sentiment is a reason to invest now that the price has gone down.
There have been certain trends that the bitcoin’s market value has been following since the start although there are differences in these cycles, similar standards apply. There are times when the market goes up, goes down and then when it’s stable. Afterward the cycle continues.
The price is expected to go up later in 2018, and if it does not, it will still go up, since this is the cycle which it follows.


Be part of the future.

A lot of speculation have been made about cryptocurrencies becoming the future of currencies. Bitcoin has an estimated market of $280 billion, which gives an assurance of stability. The industry keeps growing, so it is better to get to know it now so as to catch up  with the future.
Many people are still afraid of cryptocurrencies, but the earlier you go into it, the better your chances of getting ahead of others.


It is advisable to know all the risk involved in cryptocurrency investment before venturing into it











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