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5 things to consider before choosing a brand name


The first thing to be considered before starting a brand is the name to be given to such brand. A brand name is more important in this technological age putting in mind that for a business or brand to be successful there is need to go digital. This is a digital generation, for you to create a digital presence there is need to choose a domain name.

The most annoying part of the process is when the name you have in mind has been choosing by another company. This makes the whole process frustrating; nevertheless, a name must be given to the brand in other for the business to go digital, apart from it going digital, the name choosing must resonate well to the public.

The following are things to consider and put into consideration before choosing a brand name:

1)    The domain availability

There is need to ensure that the domain name choosing is trademarked and not choosing or owned by another brand. There are lots of websites that offer service where you can check the availability. Websites like: namecheckr.com, whogohost.com and godaddy.com help to check if the brand name chosen is available, and the names choose if available can also be bought at the above named sites apart from namechekr.com that only helps to verify availability of domain names only.

2)    Simplicity must be a priority

A popular, witty saying goes thus “Simplicity sells.” That is the truth when choosing a brand name, the name chosen should be simple. It helps it resonates well with the target population in mind. Let’s take a clue from ‘Apple.’ The company names strike the mind of an average person, regardless of race, ethnicity and religious belief, apple as a name resonates well with all. Apart from the quality of products manufactured by the company, their brand name speaks volume.

3)    Target audience

Another great thing to consider is the target audience. Name to be chosen must resonate well with the target demographics. Let’s consider for example you want to choose a name for the older generations. A product that deals with people, in the age bracket (60 and above). The name of the selected product or brand must resonate with their generation. It should be something they easily relate too.

4)    Spelling matters

The name to be chosen must be one that is easily spelled. Try and consider the region where the brands will be marketed. Microsoft as a brand name is easily spelled.

5)    Think outside the box

Creativity also means thinking outside the box to get a domain or brand name. The name doesn’t have to be related to the niche. Puma, for example, is the name of a cat family, the name today is associated to a sports brand name and likewise apple, it’s a name of a fruit but the name today refers to a technological company. Adidas is a combination of the founders’ name. A brand name must be creative.



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