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6 type of Technology book readers


6 type of Technology book readers

Do you want to know the category of Technology book readers you belong? this article is for you.

A lot of people are of the opinion that the culture of reading technology books is dying. They might be right or wrong depending on the kind of environment they find themselves. This is a listicle about the 6 type of technology book readers we have today; this is the people that still maintain the reading culture in the county. A famous adage says if you want to hide a thing from a black man keep it in a book.

Mount my bike and let’s ride on this journey together, enjoy the reading ride.

1) The Ultimate Ghost Readers: This set of readers are fond of hanging out with friends who read a lot, they can summarize the whole content of a technology book for you without actually glancing through a page. They hang around with friends that love reading and get the gist about technology book from them.

2)The Google Readers: These readers are fond of reading the summary of books or looking for free PDF book on Google. They are either lazy to read or have no money to buy books. They mostly pretend as if they read the whole book, this kind of people always talk more in any book discussion Gathering they contribute more than people that consumed the entire book. The ones that download free PDF acts like they order the book directly from the author and even comes with an autograph.

3)The Library Readers: These set of people are divided into two; the one that goes to the library to read books and the other part buy book majorly for the library. The only content they tend to consume about the book just the beginning and the end of a book, they only buy books for bragging purpose, people can respect them for the number of books in their archive.

4) The Gold Readers: these set of people deserve some accolades when it comes to reading books, they are the ones motivating every author out there. The Gold readers buy books and take their time to crunch every page of the books like a crunchy. They seem to talk less and contribute to book discussion when the need arises.

5) The Travel Readers: These set of people are only interested in reading books when traveling a long distance as a way to kill boredom. It might be at the airport while waiting for a flight, a stopover or during the journey itself.

6) The Date Readers: This is most common among men, while waiting for a lady at a restaurant or appointed place during a date, especially that of a new catch. They merely carry a romantic novel along and pretend to be reading before the girl arrives. The motives are to appear like a person that has sense in front of the girl although revere might be the case, the next time they carry another book to read is during another date.

If you’ve taken your time to read up to this level, I, therefore, confer on you the award of GRAN (Gold readers association) you are appreciated. Thanks for reading, kindly mount on the next bike to enjoy another ride of insigh