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6 ways to make money online


make money online

Creativity and innovation is the language of making money online. Technology itself is born out of innovation and creativity, in the 21st-century business, an entrepreneur is not just confined to the normal table and desk office, meeting people personally to transact business. It is now possible for you to transact business with people you’ve never spoken to before and transact business. Like the popular Google slogan “Content is king” when it comes to making it big online, there is need to always churn out quality content on a day to day basis if you want to remain relevant in the market sphere. Online business is not meant for lazy people who are not willing to think outside the box when it comes to online business “Innovation and Creativity Sells.”

The first step in running an online business is to starting very successful online business is to have an audience that is ready to consume your product, possess a very good marketing skill, because there is need to beat your competitors to the sale of their products and be connected to the internet, either through your phone device or your personal computer.

There are 100 ways to make money legitimately online without engaging in scams. There are many things that are pushing people online daily, as it has become their number one source of information, globally the number of Internet users has increased significantly, and the good deal about online marketing is that it requires little or no capital to start. And passion must be involved with persistency, without that if one is not making money fast he or she might be tempted to stop.

Reason to start online business

1) It gives access to be able to work from home, and quit the normal 9-5 lives and will allow you to work with flexibility. You can decide to go on vacation and continue your work.

2) It gives access to be open to the global market, as you are no longer restricted to your locality, you meet with people all offer the world who are willing to pay for your requisite skills and experience. It also exposes you to how other professionals in your area of expertise carry out business.

3) It is usually very cost effective. It saves from the cost of certain logistics that is always involved in making a business transaction.

Ways to make money online

I’m going to be discussing some ways by which money can be made online; they are straightforward business that just requires internet connection, passion, and the requisite skills.

1) Freelancing– Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online. People all over the world are looking for freelancer to help them carry out their day-to-day task; all want they need is that experience, skills, and talent of yours. There are many sites that are readily and will wait for you to press the sign-up button and become a freelancer on their sites. Will love to five few examples of freelancing sites in the world.

One can even promote his or her self on various social media platforms and work; one must not necessarily rely on this site alone as the means to an end.

2) Social media- Social media is one good way to make cool cash online. Business has gone social media; people have gone social media. Social media is the way, over one billion of the world population are on Facebook alone. Social media is a very fertile avenue to make money. You can decide to create a Facebook group with large followership and make money from paid avert from companies. You can decide to create your own social media network and make money, as started earlier when it comes to online business “creativity and innovation sells.”

3) Blogging- Blogging is a huge selling point when it comes to making money online, the market that is associated with blogging is huge and have not yet been explored in full, and the marketing is both emerging and established at the same time. Business that have been established over the years are now exploring the market to boost their business ventures, taking it from offline to online. The following is needed to start a blog

  • Domain name
  • Hosting
  • Internet connection
  • Content/product to sell
  • Critical thinking skills

Various niche can be covered when it comes to blogging; the opportunities are too numerous. A medical doctor can decide to work in the hospital and also blog about health on the internet, the major source of income for bloggers is Google AdSense, companies also paid for featured post, ads services, etc. There is need to always use catchy and short domain name as people don’t like a long domain name. And another thing is to make sure that your blog is very responsive and mobile friendly. Being mobile friendly is a very great key to a lot of people accesses the internet from their mobile devices.

4) Ponzi schemes- Though not reliable as it can crash at any time, many people have been made from Ponzi schemes, it usually works on a referral based system, you invite people into the system, and you move up in rank and money also swells. It is very profitable for people that have an excellent network of friends, when it comes to Ponzi schemes the higher the stake, the higher the money you make.

5) Betting websites- For sports lovers and people who have prediction skills, placing money on bets is one of the best ways to make money online. From various sports ranging from Horse racing and Football lovers, there are various sites that allow you to make money by placing your money. Examples of sites you can place bets are;

  • Bwin
  • Bet365
  • Stakersden
  • Williamhill
  • Skybet

6)  Selling products- Products can be sold either through direct marketing and affiliate marketing, direct marketing is marketing your product, while affiliate marketing involve selling other peoples product and services. Services that can majorly be sold are eBooks, audios.

The list is very exhaustive; the opportunities online are numerous.







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