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6 ways to overcome phone addiction


Phone addiction

Phone addiction is gradually becoming the order of the day; this article is written to enable people to overcome it.

In this time and age, it is very hard not to become addicted to one thing or the other. The addiction that is gradually sweeping the millennial generation like a widespread virus is that of addiction to the phone. Addiction can be substance or drug-related. In the case of that of a phone, it is behavioral related. The funny thing about this is that a lot of people are not aware of their addiction status when it comes to the use of the phone. People don’t plan to be addicted; they just become addicted to things they find fun.

The advent of social media into the technological world has further deepened the addiction encountered by people daily. Most information can quickly be gotten at our fingertip from the various social media platform. A lot of people are addicted to one social media platform or the other, and since most people assess this through their phone, it makes them inadvertently addicted to their mobile phone.

Phone addiction should be curbed like most addictions as a lot of people have lost their life as a result of getting addicted to phones. There are cases of people hit by a moving truck or fell into a ditch as a result of their eyes glued to the screen of their phone, and it also kills a lot of relationships as it reduces real-world conversation. The 5 tips below will help to overcome phone addiction.

1) Plan your day: The real deal to have a productive life is efficient planning. Addiction reduces productivity, one of the best ways to minimize phone addiction is to plan your day and stick to it consistently and there is a huge difference between planning and sticking through. Have a particular part of the day allotted to your phone; this will help to reduce getting addicted to your phone.

phone addiction

2)    Focus at work or meetings: When at work or in a meeting, it is better to stay focused on the task at hand and try to fight the temptation of touching your mobile phone. Unless in special cases when the need is required during a discussion and try to maintain discipline by focusing on what is needed exactly.

3)    A phone free day: There is nothing bad in allotting a particular day of the week for this (Phone free). In a situation like this, it is advisable to get a phone without internet connection alongside your smartphone since the main addiction is usually with smartphones. Especially the social media buzz. This helps to lessen the risk of getting addicted to your phone.

4)    Turn off the notification button: The notification button on your phone should be turned off to prevent unnecessary distraction to you. Continuous notification can give reasons always to check your phone incessantly.

5)    Participate in sport: It is good to engage in one sport or the other that will take your attention away from your mobile phone. It might be an indoor or outdoor game.

phone addiction

6) Never press phone in bed: it is good to be disciplined not to press your phone in bed. It makes you addictive. Another great way to reduce phone usage in bed is to get an alarm clock with you in bed. This will reduce the use of a phone as an alarm clock. The phone should be in airplane mode while you are in bed. This helps to reduce the picking of excessive call that might tend to disrupt your bedroom activities.