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A brief review of the brave browser


brave browser

The brave browser is one of the best browsers that has been invented since the birth of technology; these 2018 people spend a lot of their times surfing the net searching for relevant information to help in their day to day business.

The advent of technologies has birthed a lot of innovations, some of which is unthought-of some decades ago. Every industry or way of living strive on innovation, any company, brand, and startups that are not innovating its way of operation are likely to go out of the market or stifle away by the thorn of competition.

The brave browser was created in early 2016 by the famous tech mogul Brendan Eich (he created JavaScript and co-founded Mozilla).  The brave browser blocks all form of advertisements and trackers that plague the websites you visit daily, eliminating the need for any kind of ad blocking extension. It is a very economical browser, by blocking a lot of irrelevant apps; it helps to save a lot of data monthly.

It’s a great browser, and their recent desktop version upgrade (Mac or PC ready) is a solid competitor to browsers like Epic browser, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari, and the ability to innovate to serve their customers better is applaudable.

The basic attention token (BAT) is an ERC-token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its main goal is to provide a digital ad exchange for allowing advertisers the ability to purchase ad space and user “Attention”-the same product that Google and Facebook provide when selling ad space.

Brave browser enables content developers and content creators to register their websites and social media accounts. This is a welcome development bearing in mind that the world has gone digital and social media is at the core of business development. Brave browser is presently becoming the favorite browsers for Youtubers all thanks to the changing YouTube community guidelines. A lot of people are of the opinion that brave browser might kill YouTube.

The configuration is moving closer to chrome, a move that might mean it’ll wear a new look and the ability to tap into the array of extensions that customize the Google’s browser. it is a little time before it takes a worldwide adoption among tech enthusiast in the world

The platform developers are trying to compensate publishers for the effect ad blocking, and substitution is having on them. Its presently testing a system that will reward publishers, it’s called Brave payments. It allows users to optionally set a budget that they are willing to donate to the websites they visit. The percentage will then be calculated and paid to the publisher in the form of Cryptocurrency.

Brave browser is one of the secure browsers available in the world today, Techworld and CNET gave them recognition for this, and the defense of their user privacy is top-notch. There is no doubt that Brave browser is a blessing to the tech community and the world at large.





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