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Things to know about AirBevy



Do you know the latest app in town?

The advent of technologies has birthed a lot of innovations, some of which is unthought-of some decades ago just like AirBevy. Every industry or way of living strive on innovation, any company, brand, and startups that are not innovating its way of operation are likely to go out of the market or stifle away by the thorn of competition. KariXchange is majorly about shaking up the old and building of new ideas.

KariXchange is a leading tech company in the professional development industry, providing innovative, high-impact solutions for performance improvement. KariXchange has introduced a new interactive engagement platform called AIRBEVY that is designed to allow associations to manage members’ events, projects, and track payment easily to make informed financial decisions.

A lot of startups, companies and institution will surely adopt the new innovation bought about by Karixchange as it makes work done better. It allows to receive notification and chat with new members, stay up to date on ongoing events, book events, make payments, like and comment your views, tack ongoing and past projects on membership platform, download books, read online and make research on your membership platform.

AirBevy new engagement platform comes with an App that allows the members of an establishment connect and reach out to each other at any particular point in time on any project. One of the essential factors needed in an organization is bonding among the workers of an establishment; this is one thing AirBevy is set to achieve.

Some of the features that set AirBevy apart are;

  •    It is user-friendly
  •    It is customizable
  •    It is secured
  •    It gives you detailed analytics and report

The app comes with a calendar features that make it easy for users to set up different events using date, time and fees to track events quickly, and also stay up to date on ongoing activities, upcoming and past events. It also comes with a customized registration process where members can either book on hold or pay instantly.


Who is AirBevy for?

AirBevy is created for a group of people that want to come together to achieve a common goal such as Alumni, Chambers of commerce, Alumni, Trade Unions, Religious and Political bodies. The primary payment that AirBevy integrates is Interswitch; post about AirBevy can be shared on all social media platforms.

The images supported are PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WEBP, it also supports GIF but with a maximum of 500kb, although it doesn’t video download, Video can be viewed on AirBevy.

Unlimited Number of people is accepted on the platform, but only the admin has the power to edit picture or content on a post. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is incorporated on AirBevy to keep all online payment secure. There is an option available for users to subscribe to any plan.

AirBevy is committed to giving the best experience. The team of expert behind the project maintains a high level of transparency with a touch of professionalism.

Press and Media Inquiries

You can contact AirBevy on:

Email: info@airbevy.com

Mobile no:  08034458998, 08103253277

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm WAT



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