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Are you in a relationship with your smartphone?


relationship with your smartphone

In this millennial generation, we should ponder if we are in a relationship with your smartphone or not.

A relationship is a very vital part of every human life, one of the main elements that keep a relationship working is communication.

The invention of technology has changed the face of communication in the 21st century; a lot of people are more interested in staying glued the keypad of their smartphones.

There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the relationship with smartphone that is fast becoming a norm in this generation and likely to overlap the upcoming generation

The topic above is to touch on some significant areas of lives that the advent of smartphones has built a relationship with.

Business: Business is an essential component of our life. Smartphones have made it very easy for us to conduct our various meetings right from the comfort of our room.

With the advent of social media and various applications developed on our smartphones. A businessperson can be seated in Athens and successfully hold meetings with various business associates in Lagos, Ankara, New York and Kiev without having to go through the stress of flying around the cities above separately.

By surfing the net regularly especially LinkedIn a job seeker can quickly be notified of the next job opportunities around without having to go from one place to another knocking the doors of offices asking for job opportunities, things like this make you liable to develop a relationship with your smartphone.

Search for a romantic partner: You might likely fall among the people that hardly have time to form a meaningful bond with people in real life. Lots of people are a very skilled talker but very shy to approach people facially. If you fall into this category, various dating sites and social media might be your best call when it comes to the art of shooting your shot.

There are lots of dating sites on the net that can be downloaded from Google play store or apple store. Ranging from sites like Tinder, Meetme, Skout, and Flurv. The social media outlet such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Whatsapp can also contribute to you being in a relationship with your phone.

Love to document memories: A smartphone is economical and handy than getting a camera. If you are a lover of memories, there is a high possibility of you developing a relationship with your smartphones, especially when on vacation, “baecation,” conference, picnic or hilarious memory you will love to capture on the street.

The smartphone invented these days have the inbuilt high-quality camera that can serve as an alternative to the camera. Sweet memories sometimes are needed to be replayed in our mind at a certain point in our life.

These files can be uploaded to Google drive where you can get your information as to when needed without the interference of any foreign body or fear of it being corrupted.


Being a student:  A student is likely to need important information at any point in time. “Google is a student best friend” and the easiest available device to access information is via the use of smartphones.

A student might need music for therapeutic effect as he meditates across the lounge and the smartphones make it easy for him/her to have an easy access to his or her immediate need then.

If a student is sick or in a dangerous situation, which is very possible as students are mostly filled with youthful exuberance and want to explore life to the fullest. It is beneficial if the carry their phone along as it will be used to call in times of danger.

Smartphones are handy for time-keeping purpose. They allow students who don’t own wristwatches to keep track of time so they can be punctual to their lessons, and phones have an alarm function to make sure they keep up with their schedules without getting late.

Keep up with activities you love: Smartphone is a very good way to keep tabs on activities that you enjoy. There are some events you don’t want to miss, but you decide to stream on various online platforms.

Download various topic of interest such as, football, tutorials, music, and movies.

I hope you found this article very interesting and insightful enough about how to have a relationship with your smartphone.




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