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Are you refining your talent in 2018?


refining your talent

Athletes are made in the gym, artiste in the studio, have you got a gym for refining your talent?

If you think you are going to achieve anything worthwhile without hard work, you are making a mistake.

No idea will work unless you are ready to do the work.

Every achievement in life comes with a price, and the price of greatness is the greatness of the price you have to pay for it.

This article is specially meant for those who are yet to align their preoccupation with their dream and passion, and also to encourage those are hardworking but are getting bored of their chosen vocation simply because success seems not to be forthcoming.

It is to open your eye to the realization of the foundation upon which the principles of success are built and for you to take charge of what you want to become in life.

My ultimate aim is to open your mind to the reality of greatness by helping you to put success in the right perspective. This can only be achieved if you get to read this article to the end and decide to make use of the suggestions in it.

The common denominator among every achiever in all callings is: they spend more time in their vocation to perfecting and refining their skills and craft, they are all committed to continuous improvement, and they all have a place that can be called their training ground where they work relentlessly daily. A place where they are made  (Talent Workshop/Factory).

The studio, library, laboratory, gym, workshop, internship, pitch, camps, seminars, workshops, etc. are the training ground for refining talents and building careers.

Without the studio, you can’t have great singers, and without the laboratory, inventions are impossible. Without a primary environment where you continually refine your skill, you have no hope of extraordinary achievement in life.

“Your training environment where you daily commit yourself to refining your skills and inventing yourself is the first requirement to achieve greatly in life.”

Understand that success is not what you pursue, instead success is what you attract to yourself. To expatiate on this, let’s consider the music and the sports industry. Olamide a.k.a Badoo (a top rated Nigerian artiste) is a perfect example of where hard work can take a man. I may not agree with his work but not with the spirit and passion that back them up.

I was listening to an interview held with this young man on HipTv some years ago; he said he spends more time in the studio than any other place. I was however not surprised because that’s one of the unique traits of the achiever in all vocation, – they spend more time in the place of their primary assignment. Spending more time on your primary assignment is what will pave the way for you in your chosen career.

Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Tyger wood, Serena Williams, Linda Ikeji, Tony Robbins, to name a few, Just think of anybody who is succeeding in his/her career, you’ll find out they are committed to what they do. If you want to succeed exceptionally, make up your mind to be committed to your vocation.

Find out what you’ll love to do if you are yet to have one and decide to acquire all necessary training in it regardless of your present ability or knowledge or experience. Engage yourself in every activity associated with your career; you must spend enough time to train yourself in acquiring the skills that make up your profession that is what it means to develop yourself.

Success in life is about discovering where your training ground lies and preoccupy yourself with the activities that are essential towards the realization of your goal. It is the focus hard work, discipline and persistent that produces the great ones.



What is your wake up call? What inspires you every morning to want to jump out of your bed and what is the last thing you are thinking about at night when you are about to sleep. What are you predisposed to do every day? Whatever it is, is what determines who you are and what you are going to become in life.

It is your preoccupation and not your occupation that determines what you become in life. Your occupation determines what you do to earn living and what you are preoccupied with determines what you do to make a life.

Life is such that if you aren’t preoccupied with your primary course, what will occupy your time are those things that will send you away from your dream.

Extraordinary success is only guaranteed when you are preoccupied with your occupation. To achieve greatly in any career, you must develop the passion for your chosen vocation and be ready to spend most of your time with it. – That should be your default mode.

“Your calling in life is what your time is made for; you don’t have to create any new time for it, what you should create time for are those things that aren’t your calling.” If you fail to realize this, you may never be satisfied with your level of achievement in your career and probably in life.


If you make up your mind today that you will be focused on your primary goal, that you will dedicate your life to continuous training and improve yourself, I can assure you that in few years, you will become so valuable and highly rated that your contribution to your profession shall never be undermined.