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Bitcoin: There is No Perfect Time to Start



Bitcoin just crossed the $8600 mark, and I’m here reeling from my missed opportunity.

A couple of months back when Bitcoin fell to as low as $3000 from $19000, I was waiting for it to fall a little lower before jumping on the train. Lol, silly me!

A lot of people wished they invested at $100 until it got to $19000

Well, I had one plan while the digital currency had another. Before I could say jack, it took off and crossed $4k, $5k and now $6k. OMG!! Let me stop it here.

This post isn’t about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency, and it’s about starting now and making the time perfect; don’t wait for the perfect time, because there’s none.

When we train our minds to believe we aren’t good enough to do something, your mind is programmed to work that way.

When we keep waiting for the perfect time to start, we might as well wait till we return to dust.

Life is too short to carve ourselves to perfection.

Start with the little you have and the little you know; everything will fall into place along the line.

Want to start that venture? Do it now!

Want to start up that blog, E-commerce, Forum, business? Do it now!

“Wasted time is worse than wasted money.”

“And nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

Start now!