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How to brainstorm a creative book title


Book Titles

You need a catchy book title for marketing purpose.

A book title is one of the most critical decisions an author can make. An adage says you can’t judge a book by its cover, don’t be deceived the title of your book is a valuable marketing strategy.

Before anyone try to check the content of your book to read, a catchy and creative Book title is what attracts. Imagine putting a lot of effort to put together a fascinating and informative book, having the book title frustrate your attempt is annoying. Title block also exists like writer’s block; the latter is often underestimated. A good title doesn’t guarantee outright sales; a boring book title is an outright put off.

The tips to be discussed in this article will go a long way to help solve your title block problem. If carefully followed and used creatively, expect your next Book to be hit in the market.

5 tips to create a catchy Book title

1)    Hire an expert: In life, we all have our area of expertise. If you feel you are experiencing a title block for your next book, I will advise you hire a brand strategist for your upcoming book titles. An expert can be employed on various freelancing platform to brainstorm names for you. Fiverr is one of the best freelancing sites to hire an expert brand strategist; names can be brainstormed for as cheap as $10 depending on your need.

2)    Make it niche relevant: Book titles must be connected to the niche you writing on. Let’s take for example you trying to find a suitable name for a romantic novel, it’s not a good idea to use names like “Bitcoin at a glance,” it doesn’t in any way resonate with the niche of the book. A name like “sex on the beach” or “Romeo and Juliet” is an appropriate name in this situation.

3)    Think outside the box: Creativity is life and life is creativity. Book titles must be instilled with creativity; sometimes it’s cool to keep your audience guessing with the title of your book, for example, a political book with the title “Against the run of play” is born out of creativity than one that reads ”Not business as usual.” The former leaves the audience wanting more. Another good example is “The Prince” written by Niccolo Machiavelli, a book written about the different art of strategies in politics.

4)    Memorable: A good book title must be or should be memorable and catchy, it should strike the mind of the audience. A good example is what I stated earlier “Against the run of play” or “The Prince,” names like this are straightforward to remember for the audience.

5)    Attention-grabbing: The title of a book should be attention-grabbing, it should strike the mind. Be careful it’s not a name that someone will be ashamed to say in a public gathering. Let’s say for example a name like “P**sy sucker” is attention-grabbing but not something that anyone will be comfortable to mention in a public gathering. Such a name is not appropriate; the author can go for something like “Skirt hole sucker.” It grabs the attention of a reader, and it is easy to be pronounced in any public gathering. A skirt is a figurative expression for a woman, and “hole” is a figurative expression for “P***sy.”

If the following tips stated above are followed by details. A great book title will undoubtedly be crafted and you’ve taken the first step in making your book a significant success.


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