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Brand Storytelling: Five Lessons to learn from Airtel Nigeria


Learning is an everyday process. The minor things of life can teach us a thing or two about how to navigate the muddy water called “Life”. Leadership is something that is exhibited in our daily life, it might be a conscious or an unconscious effort, ranging from driving a car on the road, standing on a queue or trying to settle a quarrel among kids in the ads.

A lot of organizations or agencies have rolled out commercials over the years, the one done by Airtel Nigeria thought a leadership lesson. The commercials don’t only promote the product of Airtel it also solves major crises faced by individuals’ in their daily lives.

As a popular witty saying goes, “Charity begins at home”, even the Christian holy book accede to the fact that a man that can’t control his house is not fit to lead the church. Everything rise and falls on leadership.

Some elementary tasks are carried out by the leader. These tasks include organizing the group of people into specialist groups and designating them with tasks, then setting up a goal and working towards achieving set goals.

Of course, this is a very simplified outline of what the leader would probably do but talking about this situation leads us to our discussion on Airtel ads. They teach us useful lessons for life, leadership, and business.

1) Trust: Airtel Nigerian brand storytelling commercials (SMARTALK) MECHANIC that entails “Mr. Igboro” and his mechanic. The music is flawless, the actors fantastic, the picture, the mixing, the scenes and everything about this advert is fantastic.

It is an advertisement that entails what happens in the “Everyday Nigeria” workspace. A leader must learn how to trust its subordinates with a task without trying to make them feel uncomfortable.

There is always room for correction and criticism at a place of work must be done constructively without trying to destroy the confidence of the team you are leading. A leader should refrain from micromanaging and trust each individual to deliver optimum performance.

2) Creativity: 4G-Blender commercials shows the importance of creativity in leadership. From the rivalry that occurred between both Mothers-in-law, the one that was able to adapt to the usage of modern technology in the kitchen had an upper edge than the mother-in-law that persisted with the traditional method of doing things.

A lot of business venture has liquidated and gone off the market as a result of the owners or leaders not adapting to the technological trend.

3) Humility: 4G-blender commercials taught a lesson about humility. A lot of people envy people they should be learning from. Both women have access to the same traditional and modern blender, one was skilled in the use of both and decided to use a faster and efficient method. The other woman is illiterate and couldn’t use the technological method and refused to learn in humility until she messed up the kitchen.

A good leader should know when to ask for help, a junior colleague at work can be better than you in some areas, it takes a leader to be humble enough to learn.

The commercial also teaches a lesson about humility in service. The young boy was able to help his dad solve problems that seem complex to his dad with simple solutions. The guy came up with more innovative solutions because his dad was receptive to his ideas.

4) Wisdom- The in-laws-mentor commercials exemplifies the role of wisdom in settling issues as a leader. Sometimes silence and holding your peace during a crisis might go a long way in solving situations that seem daunting. The young man draws inspiration from how his father settles issues. A lot of people look up to leaders and are consciously and unconsciously watching how they are solving issues. Like a witty saying says “Wisdom” is profitable to direct.

5) Failure is not final: The 4G-Gele commercials tell a major story about failure. A leader must know that failure is not final, it’s always a stepping stone to greater success if one is wise enough to surround himself with the right people. When the gele untied on stage due to her lackadaisical and over-impressive attitude, she had people around her that are skilled in the art of gentle making who readily came to her rescue. The same people who “hushed” also praised her when the gele didn’t fall off the second time.
Airtel Nigeria commercial brand story technique has shown that commercials shouldn’t be overtly related to selling products and services alone, it should be able to teach the viewers valuable lessons in life, family and business. valuable lessons in life, family and business.


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