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CIVIC ICO: Cryptocurrency and technology


Civic ICO
Civic ICO token doesn’t grant any copyright or give the privilege to any cash flow as obtained in the stock exchange. Token buyers come from different Background, ethnicity, religion, gender and financial Ideology. A lot of crypto enthusiasts have tipped it as the next big thing in the crypto world, and have gained a wide range of acceptance in the industry.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Civic ICO

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used for making secure and instant financial transaction anywhere in the world. It is a decentralized network, not issued or under control of any bank or government-it’s managed by the users. It is improving the financial transaction the way email improved communication by making it fast and cheap, Bitcoin is an upgrade on existing payments methods which were not designed for the internet era.

It’s safe to say that technology is life in this present century. Technology has been used by all sectors to innovate. Cryptocurrency is the future of financial transaction all over the world. In the coming years, more cryptocurrency will emerge.

What is an ICO?

ICO which is called Initial coin offering involves the art of selling new digital currency to the public at a discount or at a token. This is done as a way to raise money for the company. If eventually the crypto becomes viable and surges up in value-often based on speculation, the investor has made a profit. It has the same model as the stock exchange.
It gives a lot of perspective on the Cryptocurrency world. Civic, is actually built on crypto, is not Fintech in nature. Civic ICO is an identity verification system that allows anyone to share and get customers information from a trusted source.

The platform is trustworthy and is safe to transact on.
Civic is powered by the blockchain technology. It is one of the hot in demand token in the cryptosystem today and the favorite of many crypto lovers. It provides a low cost to identity verification. It helps remove the need for background and personal identification check. The ecosystem is based on a decentralized platform, where the participants use the “civic token” to transact in IDV-related services.

The use of Blockchain for Civic ICO is not farfetched. Civic is going to pay identity verifiers (banks, utilities, and other trusted sources) to do the KYC work with the coin. Then they are going to store the results in the distributed ledger of the Blockchain. This means their cost to KYC is ZERO, their cost to store the data is ZERO and the buyer of this service (another company that wants to quickly and cheaply verify user identity) has to buy Civic coins to access the service.

Civic ICO no doubt is here to cause a positive disruption in the way the cryptosystem operates.