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Five Creative Instabloggers in Nigeria


Instabloggers in Nigeria

The following Instabloggers in Nigeria listed in this article are very creative; they have mastered the art of blogging with finesse. A lot of people are leveraging the popularity of Instagram to create a Microblog on it. Most bloggers have an extension of their blog on Instagram and Twitter.

The most thing that Successful Instabloggers in Nigeria have mastered is churning out contents that their audience can relate and interact with, as Google will always say “Content is King.” Microblogs on Instagram are created to solve a particular problem

Relax, enjoy and visit the following Instabloggers in Nigeria that are discussed in this article.

Litblogger: One of the most creative to me, in an era whereby the act of copy and paste bloggers have taken over the blogosphere, with same news or content circulated by more than 200 Instabloggers in Nigeria.

Litblogger has taken a step above by creating a blog on Instagram for lovers of Literature. Her page is filled with creative, thought-provoking and brain stimulating literature piece. She has over 12,000 plus ardent followers on her page. Her ability to mix her writings with top-notch graphics is commendable.

Instabloggers in Nigeria

Joro Olumofin: The self-proclaimed love doctor has over 450,000 followers on his page. It is undoubtedly one of the most interactive Instabloggers in Nigeria page. One of the societal problems faced in the world today is that of relationship.

Joro Olumofin gave an avenue for people to share their marital or relationship anonymously and his followers drop their advice to the Anon advice seekers. Some advice seeker and response are sometimes humorous; the comment can get you glued to your phone screen for hours.

Instabloggers in Nigeria

Naijasinglegirl:  One of the humorous Instabloggers in Nigeria,  she can crack your ribs; she is a write-up-comedian. The page is about an adventure of a single Nigeria girl, who tells the story of her day to day adventure. She gives an insight into what an average single girl in Nigeria experiences daily.

She is the author of the best-selling book, 29, Nigerian and single. She has over 20,000 followers on her IG page. Her identity is not known as she blogs anonymously and only shows half of her body.

Instabloggers in Nigeria

Thatgidigirl: She came into prominence during the last Big Brother Naija. She became the number one source for Big Brother Naija addicts to catch up with happenings. She wowed everyone with her Top-notch video editing skills. Her followers rose sporadically to over 91,000 loyal audiences.

Her popularity has continued to rise ever since then. She should be a case study for upcoming Instabloggers in Nigeria. Talk of latest in Entertainment, celebrity news, and live events, thatgidigirl is the best place to be.

 Instabloggers in Nigeria

KraksTV:  Just like its name “Kraks” this Instagram page will surely crack your ribs. It is an exciting page to be; it is full of hilarious post, bants, and subs. It has over one million followers on its page.

The page is owned by famous New Media enthusiast Femi Bakare a 25 years old graduate of Unilag. Kraks is here for an extended period and here to stay.






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