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Hone your skills: An inspirational story by Ayobami Oladejo


I started learning how to program on my own in the year 2000. Same year I got my first personal computer. This piece of story has been told many times.

That resolve to learn web and desktop programming ensured I didn’t struggle for jobs after University. My degree was just the tool to open conversations. My skills ensured I was able to take jobs meant for Computer Science and sometimes Elect/Elect Engineering graduates.


My first computer had 64MB memory. The hard disk was less than 1 GB. But it opened up, etc skills.


The average smartphone today has X20 of the computing power I had 18 years ago. The computers today are like the powerful servers of those days.


Yet, it seems our people have retrogressed. They are not using the computing power to do great stuff. Some just watch more movies, play games and spend time on social media without gain.


This Google search cloud just confirms what I have said many times. If you are not doing well today and have access to computers, it is your fault. There are countless resources online to help you become a super star. You don’t know the power in your hands.


We have build great platforms solving real business and societal problems entirely with free open source tools available online. This Facebook platform has the same story. Twitter too. And the knowledge to build is there. And it is not all about Technical skills. Many still can’t write decent emails and lack financial literacy skills. There are loads of free courses online to tackle these deficiencies.


PS: Some of our students at Databreed do not possess computers and did most of their learnings on their smart phones. I weep when people with better access are wasting time learning shakushaku and following olamide, davido etc. You can do all that, but after you have spent more time developing YOU.



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