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Hone your skills in 2018


Hone your skills

How far can you go to hone your skills today?

This question is worth reflecting on everyday.

It is a pitiable condition that a lot of youth in this part of the world complain of lack of job opportunities. From my research, I noticed the problem is not the opportunity. A lot of youths are not skilled enough to get employed. Most waste lot of precious time on social media and surf the net for irrelevant contents that adds little or  no value to them.

My favorite quote is “hone your skills, don’t stink of mediocrity.” One of the valuable skills to be learned in life is what I call time management. It is a skill to be mastered; it makes you efficient and proficient in everything you do. I believe time management is a craft and art of the wise.

Youth should develop the habit of reading wide. Knowledge is never lost, no matter how little it is. Surf the net for the latest innovation in your field, make YouTube your friend to watch videos that will change your thoughts and mentality.

Will love to touch a little example as regards way you can sharpen your skills as an individual. Let’s say for example you are a writer, writing today is different from the way it is practiced during the time of Shakespeare.

You can’t become a Shakespearian model writer and expect to go far in this century as a writer. You should try and train yourself on how to write SEO optimized articles. You should be able to operate a blog to sell out your writing skills to the world. Your proficiency in social media strategy and marketing must be above par. There is no danger in undergoing a graphics design class, to upgrade your skill by telling your story graphically.

My 2 cent advice to every employed and unemployed youth is to continue exploring opportunities. Don’t stink of mediocrity, hone your skills. In the 21st century, content is king. Only innovation can add more content to you.



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