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How Technology is Changing the Way We Date


Technology is involved in every area of our life and has led to a major disruption in our everyday life either positive or negative, we can rightly conclude that technology has become part of our everyday dealings ranging from our love life to our financial transactions.

Technology has birthed a lot of innovations that have made finding love or staying actively in contact with our loved ones very easy than before.

Love doesn’t cost a thing is a popular phrase that actually sounds to me as an irony of what the word “Love” depicts in reality. People pay a lot to be in love ranging from emotional, mental, physical and spiritual part of their life. Technology has made it costly or cheaper to be in love depending on the situation we are trying to peruse.

Different apps have been created that makes it easier to communicate with your partner 24/7 if that is what you wish regardless of the distance. It has also help broken barriers of meeting people who wouldn’t have been in the equation due to distance. We’ve witnessed a considerable increase in the number of people getting married via meeting on social media and went on to create a physical bond. Social media and an increase in dating apps have contributed largely to this.

I will discuss 5 apps that have made finding love and staying in love easier all thanks to the advent of technology.

  1. Facebook: Since the advent of the app in 2008 by Mark Zuckerberg. The social media app has led to bridging of gaps between people that might have been impossible some years before due to distance. Complete strangers have met on this platform and become lifelong partners. One of the funny phrase that mostly trend now is “Wemetinthedm”. Facebook provides option of making video calls with each other and sharing pictures.
  2. Tinder: Tinder created in 2012 by match group/IAC and was said to register about 1 billion “Swipes” every day. The site has become popular among people across all ages and class. A lot of working class people see it as a way to hook up with potential partners since work is making it harder for them to find potential partners. A wide-category of partners can be seen, ranging from “sex partners, long-time partners or chat-buddies”.
  3. Instagram: A photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. One of the laudable features is the chat option, which allows people to converse on a private level.  A lot of people have shot their shot on it and met their partners.
  4. Badoo: This is a chat, date and meet app with over 461 million users. It’s a dating focused social network founded by Russian entrepreneur in 2016. The headquarters is in Cyprus. It is a dating app that relies on location data to serve matches to members. Badoo major innovative features is the profile verification to ensure potential scammers or catfish accounts are shut down.
  5. POF: “Plenty of Fish” which acronym is ‘POF’ is one of the most important dating sites that is popular primarily in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. The app is available in 9 languages. It was created in 2003 and have an option of a premium or freemium subscription.

It must also be noted that despite the ease of getting partners on-line, users are susceptible to been scammed of their hard-earned money. Despite the pros of the use of technology, one of its cons is the rapid increase in romance made easier by a lot of dating apps.

The advent of crypto currency a product of technology also aid the anonymity of scammers online. Away from the gory story, there are lot of glory story from people who have found love online. Most are stories of getting exactly what you wished for “Under the shooting star”

Love is a beautiful thing, a universal language that can be understood by all, it bridges the gap along people with different ideologies, ethnic groups and cultural background.

       A famous line from a poem goes thus;

“Love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion.

 It is pure and beautiful like the moon’s reflection in a quiet lake”


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