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There have been different reports of people falling victim of hacks on their mobile phones through downloaded apps, as a result, conscious effort must be made to protect your phone. There are different apps that say they have purposes, but the only intention is to infect the victim’s phone and take the desired details. Most of these apps usually have names that don’t look harmful, hence making many people fall for them. They usually use what they know the targeted people will like, for example, they may build an app to target game lovers and say it’s a game cheat.

There are a lot of measures that can be taken to protect your phone from dangerous apps. They are listed below.

  • Download apps from trusted sites only: Whenever you want to download an application, it is preferable to use the default store of your device. For example on Android, you have Google Play Store, on iOS devices, there is iTunes App Store. Although not all apps are there, hardly will you not find any app you are looking for. There are some trusted sites however where you can get some apps that you may not find in the store. Downloading from non-reputable sites can cause harm to your phone. Some sites usually have a virus attached to the apps you download from there, your phone might be endangered while downloading from there.
  • Make sure you update your phone’s OS: Updating the operating system of your smartphone can as well be a security measure against malicious apps. There might be an upgrade in the firewall of the device during an OS upgrade, so if you fail to update your phone to the latest version, you might be vulnerable to attack by malicious apps since the phone will not be able to resist the threat.
  • Use Virus protection: Antivirus protections are also very useful in defending against malicious apps. It is important to have a good antivirus app on your phone and make sure you check regularly for threats. Antivirus apps help to prevent malicious apps from harming your phones by warning against possible malware or dangerous sites you might be visiting
  • Do not root your phone:  It is a common doing among game hackers or application hackers to root android phones. People root their phones so they can run some specific apps that their phone may not support, or in order to be able to modify the settings of certain apps. Whenever you root a phone, it will have a lot of effects and it will be prone to malware, which it might not be able to defend itself from.
  • Be careful of connections:Connections to public networks or other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth might lead to danger if care is not taken. You might unknowingly connect to a Wi-Fi network where malicious apps are distributed. Sometimes you may be wondering if you authorize some applications on your phone, you will not realize they were done without your knowledge. These apps can be dangerous to your devices.
  • Watch the type of apps you install:The apps you install on your phone can be a determinant if your phone is open to dangerous apps. Make sure an app is properly rated in the store, and rated positively by a lot of people.

There are also some proven apps that detect malicious apps and prevent your phone from being infected. There is Google Play Protect, which scans apps on play store to make sure they are safe.


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