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Interview with Samuel Obadina, a graphic designer


Samuel Obadina

Samuel Obadina is a Nigeria based graphic designer. He is the creative lead at Feathers consulting and has handled a lot of designs for various clients all over the world.in this interview he bared his mind on his journey in the world of graphic design.

 Samuel Obadina

  • What originally made you want to become a graphic designer?

My love for arts and technology; graphics is a fusion of these two worlds. Graphics design is an expression of different forms of art, e.g, painting, textile, sculpture, ceramics etc, through technology.

samuel obadina

  • How would you describe your approach to design?

It’s more about problem-solving than mere aesthetics. As simple as my designs are, they go through a lot of thought processes, hundreds of sketches, reiterations and researches. The end result is creating value.

Samuel Obadina

  • What or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?
    Access to Knowledge from every source available.

  • What will you say is your strongest skill?

I’ll say communication. The ability to use the tools at my disposal to express my ideas and thoughts.

samuel obadina

  • What is your major weakness?

My limited interests in sports and politics, it makes giving expressions in these areas a bit challenging.


  • What is your most exciting project so far?
    A recent brand project for a New York based tech brand, Pope Digital. The brief needed us to push beyond limit. It drove my team wild, working on sketches, research, brainstorming and series of reiterations before we presented. The feedback was a Yes. We were so happy that we celebrated it at the office.


  • What is your favorite type of brief?

it’s one that challenges thinking, that pushes the mind to explore and learn more in order to produce an unusual result.


  • What is your favorite design software and why?

Surprisingly, it’s not Ai, Adobe Illustrator. Though it’s my most go-to design software after it’s other counterparts, Photoshop, InDesign, aftereffect. So, my favorite design software is an IDE, integrated Development Environment, Visual Studio, it’s a programming software that aids me in building interactive User Interfaces that are responsive and interactive. My love for programming, animation and design makes it the best software for me. It’s a way for me to take design from been static to dynamic and then interactive.


  • What are you passionate about besides your work

Impacting young minds through coaching and mentoring.


  • Can you tell us where you see your company 5 years from now?

Feathers Consulting working with the best creatives in the industry and having a great influence over it with hubs in every geo-political zone and a headquarters in a major city

Samuel Obadinas

  • What is your philosophy of life?

FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful


  • What’s the best advice you have heard?

Uhm… A lot. But the one that comes to mind is “‎Failure is not a setback, but feedback. Take full responsibility for it, learn and move on”


  • Who is your mentor in the industry?

Several, but for the one I have access to and interact with, I will say Chude Jide-Owon.


  • What’s your personal motto?

My mind, my greatest asset




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