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The present Bitcoin revolution gradually sweeping the world is presently cutting across different type of emotions all over the world. The crypto sphere is filled with three types of people, the pessimist, optimist, and the onlookers. The optimists are known to always chorus the slogan “HODL” whenever there is a dip in the price of cryptocurrencies.

The pessimist on the other hand are not really sure or better described as people that jump into the market whenever it is announced that there is hike in price and the optimist are making profit, at a slight dip in price they quickly sell to their coin off most of the time lower than they bought it and always ran at a loss. The onlookers, on the other hand, are passive players in the industry; they don’t trade or deal in Cryptocurrency.  The onlookers are mostly after the dip in Cryptocurrency to mock or laugh at people that are major players in the industry.

Looking at the events that played out in the crypto industry, over the last few months. The question on the lips of people in the crypto industry is “is Bitcoin still viable?” The question is basically answered according to individual perspectives. Every analysis done is right based on personal views. This brings us to the type of people in the Cryptocurrency industry. The pessimist will say yes, the pessimist will say no, while the onlookers are the major analyst, a significant percent of the onlookers belong to the media.

As an individual, I believe in the viability of the coin regardless of the dip in price or value of Cryptocurrency. The best thing to do whenever the market is red is to HODL till the green light is seen. According to the graph below drawn by John McAfee one of the leading Cryptocurrency experts in the world. The graph trendline is almost the same as it was last year. After dipping to $5000, the graph is back above $10,000 and expected to reach $40,000 before the end of the year.

Bitcoin MCafee on twitter

Cryptocurrency is actually the order of the day. The industry is booming, and lots of people are beginning to pay considerable attention to it. This is not far-fetched from the profit and innovation it brings along. Like most sector of the economy or a means of generating income to companies and individual. Despite the crackdown in Cryptocurrency by some countries, a lot of people are gradually paying attention to the profit-making aspect of it.

Its high time all stood together with the latest innovation in technology which is the advent of Cryptocurrency.it is the gold of the digital world. Greedy people or those looking for cheap money have no place to profit in the cryptosystem; the system profit is gained by those that are patient enough to HODL.