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Money saving apps you should have on your smartphone


money saving apps

Budgeting money for those of us with smartphones is easier than ever. With the explosion of money saving apps that are available, there are no more excuses for not saving more!

Whether you own a small business or consumer, saving more money is always a good thing.

This means that you have that you will have a lot more money to put in other important things that will create more value with what you have. Some people are lucky to have a good app, or a coupon site that will help save money each either was is cool, figure out the one that is best for then you are good to go.

Here is a list of best free money-saving apps that cover just about any shopping scenario you might encounter.


ShopSavvy – This is a handy app for comparison online shoppers. All you have to is to scan the barcode with your phone, and it allows you to compare prices for the same product online and in stores. You can set up price alerts, create product wishlists, and even share offers with friends. This App is both available on Android and iPhone.


TheFind – Very similar to ShopSavvy but also allows you to store coupons and savings offers. Customizable search and preference settings, plus you can save your favorite stores. Available on Android and iPhone. Extended features for iPad include catalog display.


GasBuddy – With today’s gas prices, saving at the pump is at the top of everyone’s budgeting list of money. This small app goes along with gasbuddy.com, helping you find the best prices on gas without actually getting around to find them. You will find the nearest stations with the cheapest gas by price per gallon. You will even get driving directions. Available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows.


GroceryIQ – Who would not want more money budgeting business at the grocery store? It’s something that can save you every week! This baby is useful at home and the store. It allows you to scan barcodes on items at home when you miss them and adds them to your shopping list. He then organizes them by category and rounds the coupons for the items on your list. Available on Android and iPhone.


BigOven – Talk about saving time and money, this app allows you to enter the items you have listed down, and it will tell you what you can prepare for a meal! It includes over 170,000 recipes that are searchable by keyword, ingredient or course. Available on iPhone.


PageOnce – This is a true money planning application that allows you to see all your account balances so you can easily track billing, payments, purchases and credit card transactions. Available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows.


Speedlite – A budgeting tool for money because it offers a simple way to create budgets and keep an eye on the spending limits you set for yourself.


CardStar – If you use in-store rewards cards, then this app is for you. Just scan the barcode of any store loyalty card and load it onto your phone. You can stack electronic coupons, then display them at the box office and let the cashier scan them. Voila, instant savings! Available on Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows, and Ovi.


With all these free apps, the money budget should be a breeze.


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