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It won’t be a naysay to conclude that social media and sport are a match made in heaven. The symbiotic relationship that exists between the two can be healthy and unhealthy.

Is Bitcoin Still Profitable for Nigerians?

When Bitcoin was new, we said it is still in the tech realm, and only those that are technologically geek can understand it. The fact is that, when bitcoin or cryptocurrency is mentioned in Nigeria, it no longer sound new to many people, even a smart kid will tell you he has heard about it though he may not actually know how it works. – in this context, I am letting you know that bitcoin has gained popularity in Nigeria.


Top 5 Instagram Comedians to follow by Nigerians in 2018


Instagram comedians in Nigeria


As we all know the state of the nation to be stressful and tiring, many people have found a way of relieving the stress. It has become a regular thing for Nigerians to go to instagram daily to watch comedy skits.

 5 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2018



The cryptocurrency market has been growing significantly lately, with a lot of people investing in different cryptocurrencies, most especially bitcoin. There are many advantages in bitcoin, some of which people are already aware of. Here are five reasons why you should invest in bitcoin in 2018;

5 Sports Betting Sites for Nigerians in 2018


5 sport betting sites in Nigeria in 2018

The 5 sport betting sites for Nigerians in 2018 to explore is discussed in this article.

Three major problems faced by freelancers in Nigeria


Do you know the major challenges faced by freelancers in Nigeria? This article will open your eyes to them. Freelancing is gradually becoming one of the lucrative careers to pick up in Nigeria. In a country where unemployment is spiking on a daily basis. The term ‘’freelancer’’ sounds cool, of course, it does! And it’s indeed the dawn of a new age in the Nigerian labor force, any avenue that makes you your boss is pretty admirable in the employment community. Freelancing is freedom in the work you do, but by definition, a freelancer is someone who is self-employed and possesses a skill set which is then offered to a clientele with no long-term or permanent commitment. Every discipline of life has its myriads of a problem that is determined to cripple the interest of the people involved in it. Freelancing as a field of endeavor is not left out from being faced with situations like this. The kind of work involved in freelancing varies, Almost every range of service that would be required by business can be provided by a freelancer, this includes but is not limited to: Marketing, Copywriting, PR, Writing, HR, Writing, Tech-Support, Programming such as web design and software development, Graphic-Design, Data-Sourcing/Data Entry and Financial Support such as bookkeeping. A freelance writer has been hired to piece together a list of problems faced by freelancers while working with various clients! Don’t you love what your story has done here? Let’s get rolling! Jack of all trades  If you honestly believe freelancers have it easy because “you get to choose what you want to do!” - Think again, because most of our time goes on doing things we don’t want to! As a freelancer, you have to take care of everything by yourself – right from finding work to dealing with clients, chasing them for payments, handling your finances; the list is endless. You’re the marketing intern, you’re the brand manager, you’re the finance guy, and you’re the chai-walla! You’re the owner and the employee, of every department. Building a steady clientele Creating a regular clientele may come of difficult as this would take time to develop. Freelancing is now a new concept, it has been a mode of employment longer than we can think of, but it seems most Businesses in Nigeria are taking a long time to get acquainted with this new niche, some expect that you sign contractual commitments as a full-time employee and they dish scenarios on your plate that would discourage you from taking on other jobs. You will come across this clientele, no doubt! And you may decline, but at some point, you may literally become jobless as you are yet to find clients to offer your services based on terms you’re comfortable with, and this may also rely on the type of skillset you’re offering. Thus consistency and determination are what helps in such stages. Cash Management & Handling: As every freelancer is an independent organization by themselves, they have to manage their finances as well. They have to send invoices to clients on time, follow up and collect the payment. This demands a lot of time, discipline, and efforts of every freelancer. Now it can be assumed, being a freelancer is not an easy job. It requires lots of planning, skills, and focus.

Do you know the major problems faced by freelancers in Nigeria?

This article will open your eyes to them.

Cryptocurrency and stock trading

Cryptocurrency vs Stock trading

Cryptocurrency trading is a new market. While stock trading has been here for a long period. There is need to understand the concept and the building block that characteristics both before we can make any comparisons amidst both.

Best Bitcoin Gambling and Sports Betting Site in 2018.


When Bitcoin was introduced back in 2008, it wasn’t very popular among the average folks. The early adopters were the geeks, nerds and other tech-savvy millennials.

Hone your skills: An inspirational story by Ayobami Oladejo

I started learning how to program on my own in the year 2000. Same year I got my first personal computer. This piece of story has been told many times.

5 BIG Things LinkedIn Can Do For You.

5 BIG Things LinkedIn Can Do For You.Do you know big things LinkedIn can do for you?

LinkedIn is not as boring as you may be led to believe; on the contrary, it is one of the most interesting platforms for knowledge seekers and people looking to advance quickly in their careers.