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6 type of Technology book readers


6 type of Technology book readers

Do you want to know the category of Technology book readers you belong? this article is for you.

Money saving apps you should have on your smartphone


money saving apps

Budgeting money for those of us with smartphones is easier than ever. With the explosion of money saving apps that are available, there are no more excuses for not saving more!

How to Make Money With Airdrops in Nigeria

Make money from airdrop in Nigeria

Are you looking for a way to make money through Airdrops? It’s not surprising. This is the easiest way of earning a bit of cryptocurrency for free. 

Bitcoin 101: What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

A lot of people approach me and ask, what is Bitcoin?

The answer will be provided in this article.

Things to know about AirBevy



Do you know the latest app in town?

The advent of technologies has birthed a lot of innovations, some of which is unthought-of some decades ago just like AirBevy. Every industry or way of living strive on innovation, any company, brand, and startups that are not innovating its way of operation are likely to go out of the market or stifle away by the thorn of competition.

Five Creative Instabloggers in Nigeria

Instabloggers in Nigeria

The following Instabloggers in Nigeria listed in this article are very creative; they have mastered the art of blogging with finesse. A lot of people are leveraging the popularity of Instagram to create a Microblog on it. Most bloggers have an extension of their blog on Instagram and Twitter.

Four things to keep in mind when launching an ICO

launching an ICO

A lot of business is leveraging on the advent of the Cryptocurrency industry to raise funds for their business via ICO (Initial Coin Offering). The following tips to be discussed in this article are very important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind while launching an ICO.

Advantages of Smartphone for Bitcoin investors


Smartphone for Bitcoin investor

Smartphone for Bitcoin investors is like oxygen to the human body. A smartphone is a significant tool for communication in today’s society, and in 2018, entrepreneurs of all own cadre smartphone.

A brief review of the brave browser

brave browser

The brave browser is one of the best browsers that has been invented since the birth of technology; these 2018 people spend a lot of their times surfing the net searching for relevant information to help in their day to day business.

Cyronium ICO Review

cyronium ICO Review

Cyronium is one of the best ICO any crypto investor can plan to place its money on at the moment, like its vision “justice for Prosperity” and investment into it is undoubtedly going to make your barn full with an abundance of prosperity.