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What is the Blockchain?


The blockchain is a secure system that allows users to transact among themselves (peer-to-peer) through their computers by trust. This is done without any third party or intermediaries. It uses a code that can be shared and distributed for free to any network without compromising the privacy of the users. If a Smart Contract is employed, this code will execute automatically, when certain conditions are met or not met. The code is usually written in C++. Thus, it is a ledger that contains data.

4 things to look out for when evaluating an ICO


One of the beauties or the inner beauty of cryptocurrency over the FIAT currency is “Decentralization.”  The wide acceptability of the cryptosystem has brought about a lot of innovation to the world we live today. The advent of the blockchain technology led to the birthing of various ICOs by several organizations. Any ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has a perfect PR is likely to gain wide acceptability among people due to FOMO “Fear of missing out.” In the online space, there is a great need to keep safe, a lot of people are out there, that are ready to rip people off their hard earn currency. Some things need to be looked out to evaluate an ICO before delving into it.

5 things to consider before choosing a brand name


The first thing to be considered before starting a brand is the name to be given to such brand. A brand name is more important in this technological age putting in mind that for a business or brand to be successful there is need to go digital. This is a digital generation, for you to create a digital presence there is need to choose a domain name.

Top 5 Tech Blogs in Nigeria


Blogging is one of the most popular ways by which people market their services nowadays. Blogging is used to provide news for the variety of people who wish to know what is currently trending. Blogging has become very popular recently, starting from personal to business purposes, people create blogs very often, as it has been seen as a very good tool for communicating with people. There are ways to make money from blogging, this has made a lot of people take blogging as their only business.

5 Interesting Facts About Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrencies are now the order of the day. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are also used as a medium of payment just as fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to encrypt the system, thereby making sure there are safe transactions and Many people still don’t know what cryptocurrencies are, and some that know do not know some facts about it.

5 Interesting Facts About Ethereum.

A depiction of the pearly gates of heaven open with the bright side of heaven contrasting with the duller foreground

Ethereum is a public, decentralized platform that is based on blockchain technology using smart contracts for its operation. Ethereum was initially proposed in 2013 by a 19-year-old programmer and cryptocurrency researcher, Vitalik Buterin. He came across the idea of Ethereum while he was working on some bitcoin projects. He co-founded the Ethereum platform with Dr. Gavin Wood in 2014.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In


A cryptocurrency, just as the name implies, is a digital currency that is used as a medium of exchange like normal currencies. It is secured by cryptography encryption, from which the name was derived (crypto). The cryptography is used for securing the transactions carried out on the cryptocurrency.

Eckocoin ICO launch is near

Ecko coinEcko Coin is opening ICO Feb 1st.
This coin is developed by Real World Community. Whats different about this coin is when you purchase in the pre-ICO, you become a shareholder. That’s right! YOU are part owner of the coin. Being an owner, you will have 100k coins per position. This will be worth $500 in the first round. Total coin supply is 300 million. This is one ICO; you don’t want to miss. Register at http://eckocoin.com.

EckoCoin is blockchain ready, so no tokens to swap for coins, you are purchasing coins not tokens.
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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the World


Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are where buying, selling, and exchange of cryptocurrencies are carried out. The cryptocurrencies can be bought, sold, or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, or for fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency exchanges can be challenging, because a lot of people, especially those that are new to the cryptocurrency world, find it difficult to find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange. Seeing how this has been difficult, the top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges have been given here.

What is Cryptocurrency Airdrop?


The innovation that cryptocurrency is bringing upon us is unending. The dominant theme or focus that made the coin a very acceptable one worldwide is its decentralized nature. The wide acceptability of these coins is significant sources of concern to some countries are trying to clamp down on cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency comes in two forms, those that are controlled from a single source in a centralized fashion or those, like Bitcoin that are controlled by the market.

Cryptocurrency birthed ICO (Initial coin Offering), which serves as a means of crowdfunding for startups to generate money. Some countries like Bangladesh and South Korea are presently cracking down on ICOs.