It won’t be a naysay to conclude that social media and sport are a match made in heaven. The symbiotic relationship that exists between the two can be healthy and unhealthy.

Presently in the 21st century, it’s safe to conclude that both thrive on each other, although social media has ranges of topics to be discussed on it, which sport is a subset.

Sport is a vast word, and it includes Football, Athletics, Basketball, Sailing, and Volleyball. The advent of social media has made it possible to follow any events you are missing live by just following the hashtags on social media or streaming it live, for example let’s say you want to follow Manchester United versus Inter Milan match at Old Trafford which happens to be the traditional home of Manchester United and you are not able to watch the game live and want to keep in touch with the match you can follow the hashtag #MANINT.

Social media also makes it possible to follow your favorite sports star on social media and keep abreast of their daily activities, training routine, vacations, and latest endorsement. Social media also make it possible to read analyses and opinion about a specific sports events.

There are certain disadvantages to the use of social media in sport despite the advantages it has. It makes it easy to lash out directly at sportsmen and women over a particular game or events, and most of this attack comes in the form of religious abuse, racism, and a death threat. Of recent, the campaign against racism is taking one step forward and another backward, why it is easy to deal with a racist in real life it is hard to do that on social media as the people perpetrating these evils hide behind anonymous account to dish out their hatred.

Social media also makes it easy for a sports lover to monetize their passion and make a living out of it, a sports lover or a football fanatic can build an account around your favorite team and make money.

Social media also help break boundaries and make friends with people online that you share the interest of the same sport with. Social media has led to a boost in sports revenue all around the globe.

The relationship between sport and social media can only get better as more social media platforms are expected to spring up in the future.




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