Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018


Do you know social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018?

Social media is the new gold mine in the world. It’s serve as a platform to connect the whole world as information spreads faster this days. In 2018 students of the Nigerian tertiary institution must learn how to tap into the power of social media to compete healthily with their counterparts all over the world. With the growing unemployment rate in the country coupled with the insensitivity of our leaders in trying to provide reasonable employment or increase the standard of education in the country.

It’s high time students stop seeing social media as a distraction to the achievement of their dreams but a ladder to the accomplishment of their dream. Of recent in an interview Naijaloaded with Pamilerin Adegoke popularly referred to as @thePamilerin  on various social media platforms; he explained how he makes over #2m per month by influencing brands on IG on twitter. Popular social media influencer Chidi Okereke famously referred to as @chydee on various social media platform explained how a single tweet changed his life and dragged him away from the unemployment market in Nigeria. Students cannot only rely on their parents alone to sponsor through school bearing in mind the economic situation of the country.

Apart from the money moves associated with social media, it serves as a way for students to learn more. Rather than spending productive hours on discussions or activities that are not fruitful, they can leverage on the vast information available on various social media platform to improve the knowledge available at their disposal. For instance, it’s very easy to keep tabs on knowledge shared by influencers in a chosen field by following them on various social media platforms.

Social media platforms that can be annexed to benefit students.

Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018

lLinkedln- LinkedIn is a gold mine for social media users that want to have a feel of professionalism. There are a lot of professionals on the site dishing out advice and making connections with prospective clients. Linkedln is not created for the social media babies but those with matured minds. Students can leverage on this platform to connect with companies that are looking for student intern. It also allows students to build a digital CV that attracts companies after graduation.

Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018

Instagram- Instagram is the right platform to make money moves as a student. With large followership and informative content, money will inevitably roll in. A lot of companies are using social media influencers to promote their brands. With a very good knowledge of Instagram marketing, there are lots of freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork where cool money can be made to stop dependence on parents.

Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018

Twitter- Twitter doubles as both financial and educational platform for students. It is easy to share knowledge and learn from influencers on any topic of interest. Twitter marketing is also a profitable way of making money by students. Perfect understanding of Twitter marketing can be used to influence or run a campaign for brands.

Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018

Facebook- Facebook is one of the blessings that has been brought upon the world by the advent of social media. Students must be cautious of the things they post on social media. A lot of companies these days are always sourcing for information about the people they intend to employ in their organization. Facebook marketing is also a good way to make money.

Social media skills are the new goldmine for Nigeria student in 2018

Whatsapp– Whatsapp is more than a chatting app. The advent of WhatsApp business has made it easier to conduct business. Students can quickly spread information among themselves without having to stress themselves with calls, with Whatsapp group information spreads faster. A blog can also be open on Whatsapp.

The most exciting thing about this social media platform is that they can be used variously to achieve the intended purpose. Social media gold mining result in double-edged; the result derived from it is depended on how it’s been used. If used constructively it can take one far in life and if otherwise can lead to destruction.

As a student or individual, I hope you mine social media to dig the gold to decorate your future.




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