The advent of technology is helping to change the narratives of how Africa is being seen all around the world. It’s not changing that of Africa as a continent alone, and it’s also helping to change that of Africans as a people. Technology has turned the world to a global village; it’s easier to learn about the culture of other continents or country without ever stepping a foot in such a country or continent.

One of the ways technology is helping to change the narrative of Africans in the area of language. Google has made it easy to incorporate several African languages on their platform. It’s easier to translate the language of other countries and most importantly learn the exact way the natives pronounce words. This, in a way, has brought about putting Africa’s language on the global map. This has created a lot of employment for some young Africans in the tech world. A lot of young Africans have been employed by Google in other to help with their local language translations.

To a person that has lived in Europe or the Western world all through his or her life might likely have a different observation about the continent Africa or the people that occupy it. Such a person might have a narrative of a place where the lions roam about and kill people indiscriminately, people who haven’t experienced technology, a group of nomads working about naked or people who are carnivores. Thanks to the advent of Technology that has helped in shaping the narrative, a Google search will help to bring about the exploits of Africans all over the world and several tourist destinations that can be visited during vacations.

Africans in the diaspora now have several ways of sending money to their families in Africa. Paypal, Payoneer, and Bitcoin have made it easy for sending and receiving money right fro from m the comfort of your room. This has also helped African entrepreneurs with ease of doing business.

The Music of Africa is being exported to the western world, and this is made possible via technology. Africa musicians are now making waves globally and headlining major music festival across the globe. This means a lot of improvement on the economic scene as various platforms have been created that enables global download from the internet.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is helping bring news to Africa doorstep in their native language via their various digital platforms, we know have BBC Hausa majorly for the Hausa speaking populace of Africa, BBC Igbo for the Yoruba speaking populace of south-western Nigeria and BBC Igbo for the Igbo speaking populace of Eastern Nigeria.

Unlike in the previous generations of Africans that don’t have a well-documented history. Most generally accepted folklores or tales are from mouth to mouth, most of which have different stories written about it. There might be about three different accounts of just a single event. Assuming technology is in full effect like it was today, the first-hand account would have been documented digitally.

Agriculture is one of the major occupations of Africans. It used to be the predominant occupation in the olden days. The primary way of farming is via subsistence means. The advent of technology has made farming easier with the availability of several technological tools, such as tractor, improved fertilizers, and the rest. The marketing side has also improved immensely with the advent of social media. Farmers no longer need to sell their goods to members of their community alone; they can also export for global consumption.

With the advent of technology, the narrative of Africa can only be shaped better away from the stereotype of corruption, poverty, and wars into that of prosperity.