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The 10 Worst Bad Boss behaviors that can kill a technology company


bad boss behavior can kill your technology company

Do you know bad boss behavior can kill your technology company? It always kills creativity and makes working conditions non-conducive for your employees. The following behavior is to be avoided if you want your company to sail.

  1. Micromanaging – This is the number 1 killer of creativity and innovation in the workplace. It fosters an environment of distrust as employees feel suffocated and confined.

They monitor an employee’s every movement. To some employees, it feels like harassment. If you hired someone for a job, give them room to get it done.


  1. Setting up people to fail – Focusing more on employee’s weaknesses rather than strengths. Such bosses keep tabs and use this

Against employees in their performance appraisals. They can list all the mistakes an employee makes even if it was discussed and rectified. They also don’t hire people who are smarter than them or share their knowledge to preserve their position.


  1. Picking favorites – Hiring and promoting the wrong people. They only recommend employees in their “inner circle” for assignments or growth opportunities while they keep back other employees.


  1. Taking the credit for employees’ work/successes – Bad bosses will do anything to look good including taking credit for the employee’s work/ideas. Self-promotion is their top priority.


  1. Making false promises to get an employee to accept a job or a responsibility- Once the employee is in the position, they keep changing the goal post when the target is almost achieved or after achievement. These types of bosses don’t keep their word.


  1. Ignoring feedback – Some bosses don’t listen to subordinates, and they only want positive feedback leading to lies and sycophancy. They barely admit mistakes and take negative feedback personally and attack whoever has a negative feedback about them.


  1. Not standing up for employees – Throwing employees under the bus. It’s demotivating working for a manager who does not stand up for his team. If someone makes a mistake, they turn into judge, jury, and executioner. They are quick to point fingers.


  1. Overworking employees-They have an unrealistic expectation from employees. They don’t stop to celebrate successes and see it as a waste of time. If an employee is ill, their main concern is when they will be returning to work. It’s demoralizing working for such a boss.


  1. Losing their cool when things go wrong-These types of bad bosses have low emotional intelligence and employees know to stay away when they are upset. They insult employees or come off as disrespectful with the tone they use. They rely on fear and intimidation.


  1. Displaying incompetence– They keep offloading their workload and responsibilities on high performers and view their position as one of entitlement rather than one of responsibility. They fail to give clear direction or provide frequent feedback.