The heavenly ladder


I stood below the landscape in amusement as individuals went up without a stress. I was not born in the attic but I had lived a recluse and had less social life. I had visited the London of Nigeria but the snow was just missing even when I had prepared my cardigan.

“Where is the snow”? I asked Uncle as we entered Palms Mall. The atmosphere was really typical of the August Rush venue in UK, I have not boarded a plane before but had visited beautiful places in my dreams and my story books. Books were the knowledge of “fantasies” I ever shared with my childhood friends. A one eye man was definitely the king in the midst of blind men.

I actually didn’t have the opportunity to be on the ladder that automatically took them up so I felt that was the steps that led to heaven. I was really amazed and pondered why we didn’t go like others to heaven on the ladder. Anyways, I grabbed my ice cream licked happily with a tale in my heart of knowing the road to heaven.

I grew and education really came my way which granted me the passport to attend a University. I had emerged as Overall best student in my secondary so this came with a scholarship. Getting admission to Unilag was a dream come true, though at first I looked like Jenifer in my Rebook wears that left me Ameoba-like but that didn’t really bother me.

A notable day like that the dept organised an academic trip so I got on board, the experience was tantalizing and memorable. We decided to branch at a mall to unwind from the academic trip. Marveled, I left my jaws clinging downwards at the sight of heavenly ladder which I was not fortunate to climb in childhood days. Frightened though, I tried to climb and I staggered but luckily my grip was on the railings. I felt I was on my to heaven finally but to my utmost surprise I was just in the next floor. (Laughing). The heavenly ladder was an escalator.




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