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Tips on how to be a successful tech or general niche blogger


to be a successful tech or general niche blogger

How do to be a successful tech or general niche blogger is not an easy journey or a feat to be achieved by a lazy person, it takes a lot of dedication and patience coupled with a lot of financial investment.

Blogging isn’t meant for all so if you don’t have to spend, stay close to your lane and if you don’t have the manner of speech, therefore master some manner from a suitable source.

In blogging, they are money making, but it lies on few things which patient should be practice too.

Want to make money on blogging? Yes now follow the below tips I have for you which are:

1: Study To Spend: I can smell some bloggers here wanting everything for less or for free, in life, you must spend to earn and earn to be happy.

If you’re the type who need that money on blogging you must learn to spend to gain more knowledge just like how our boss [Prosper Noah, Presh Arthur etc – Seo Expert] [Henry ifeanyin, Emmanuel Ekannem, Mazino – Web developer, app developer and web issue fixer] [Henry ijogu – AdSense expert] [okijiri – content writer] [Faturoti kayode, Ajeigbe Moruf- freelancing guru] and so on, this guy’s spend a lot to gain this knowledge and I believe they never regret the tragic “Spend To Earn”.

2: Study Not To Scam: You owned or don’t own something, don’t scam if you need that your good reputation to be kept intact. Most bloggers engage in the art of selling ebooks to their readers on their topic of expertise.

It is very important you deliver quality content as promised. If you do otherwise it puts some stain on the intergrity of your blog and say much of you as a person.

 3: Study To Be Friendly: Not just because you owned what they need and you can’t reduce your price due to pride, please note that one friend can turn to thousand friend so therefore help a friend who is in need free or less price is acceptable

4: Study To Earn: Now is either you earn big or small you still need to know more of Marketing cox they are more competitor out there, therefore pride are worthless but let your fellow learn from you. The more you read, the more likely you turn to an authority on the topic you write on.




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