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Top 5 Instagram Comedians to follow by Nigerians in 2018


Instagram comedians in Nigeria


As we all know the state of the nation to be stressful and tiring, many people have found a way of relieving the stress. It has become a regular thing for Nigerians to go to instagram daily to watch comedy skits.

There are a lot of Nigerian comedians that can crack your head with laughter on instagram, but I will give you the top five I think you should follow and you will enjoy watching.



Instagram handle: @crazeclown

Crazeclown, born as Emmanuel Ogonna, is one of the top Nigerian comedians on instagram. He does not live in Nigeria presently, and he finished school in Ukraine. It is amazing to know he studied medicine in school, and his popularity came when he was in school. He is known for his comedy skits where he represents a Nigerian parent that often disciplines his son. His son is acted by Tega. He is a very comedian that has continuously put laughter in people’s mouths. He has won some awards for his acting too.



Instagram handle: @maraji

Her real name is Gloria Oloruntobi, she is a native of Edo state, she is a graduate of International Relations from Covenant University. It is unbelievable that she’s just 20 years old! Before her graduation, she went into comedy and became popular through instagram, she is known for her ability to portray different lifestyles lived by Nigerians in funny ways. Everyone in Nigeria can relate to any of her comedy skits. She also has a unique talent that allows her to mimic anybody. She is the best female in the comedy field.


Woli Agba.

Instagram handle: @woliagba_ayoajewole

Ayo Ajewole, popularly known as Woli Agba, is also a top Nigerian comedian on instagram. He was part of the Christian comedy group that made a series of movies some years back. He gained popularity since that time, but he has risen up individually on instagram to showcase his skills as a talented individual. He plays a Nigerian prophet in his comedy skits, he is widely recognized and appreciated by a lot of people.


Lasisi Elenu.

Instagram handle: @lasisielenu

Lasisi Elenu just started his comedy skits recently, he has since become very popular. He is known as being the angry man that rants about anything. He uses funny snapchat filters that changes his voice and face to make his comedy skits even more hilarious. He has proven himself to be one of the best in Nigeria comedy industry. His trademark startup line is, ‘hello everybody, Lasisi is here again, and something just happened right now… ‘



Instagram handle: @twyse_116

His name is Abraham Ereme. He is based in the UK. He usually titles his skits as ‘twyse and family’, showing the different activities of a Nigerian family. The unique thing about his comedy skits is that he plays all the characters in the family, a lot of people don’t know this till date. He is a very hilarious comedian that can act as different characters from father, mother to the children in the family.



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