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Using social media to increase family planning awareness


family planning awareness

The power of social media cannot be underestimated for creating campaign and brand awareness. Social media is one of the most effective ways of creating family planning awareness. Family planning is one of birth control; family planning is essential especially in developing countries with a large population with increasing cost of living.

The social media craze is gradually sweeping across Nigeria, and one of the effective ways of disseminating information to a large percentage of the populace is leveraging on the power of social media. The various social media channels that can be used to spreading information are YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

family planning awareness

According to a research carried out on the internet literacy level in Nigeria, it concluded that:

  •    91 million users for about 180 million people- NCC
  •    Internet penetration is at about 53%
  •    146 million Nigerians now go about with a mobile phone- Statista.com
  •    149 active mobile phones in the country. Every household in Africa, nay Nigeria has a radio. 8 out of 10 households, however, have a mobile phone.
  •    Over 70% of Nigerians across online information on their phone.

Family planning should be a two-way thing.it should be embraced by both couples in marriage or relationship. There are myriad of problems militating against the dissemination of family planning in Nigeria and maybe Africa, in general, using social media, especially in the rural area. The issues are:

  •    Low literacy rate
  •    Cultural belief
  •    Poor network
  •    Religious belief

The northern part of Nigeria as a case study thinks childbearing is a blessing and will do anything possible to give birth to as many children as possible. Various social media should be mainly for education on the pros and cons of family planning. It’s not enough to encourage people to have family planning; they must be given a solid reason to be engaged in it.

There is a clear difference between using contraceptive and engaging in family planning, a lot of mistakes them to each other, although both are means of birth control. Family planning is the concept of actively planning is the concept of actively planning if, when and how many children you plan to have. It’s the idea that pregnancies don’t just happen to you, but instead are the decision you make for yourself. Your life and your choices are completely up to you.

The use of new media to influence the use of family planning is a natural application of the basic idea of the influence of the media to both inform and motivate people in an area to act, complex subjects such as reproductive health and goals is not an exception to this. Communication efforts have become increasingly widespread in the developing world as part of international technical assistance and government programs designed to reduce fertility.

Effective social media strategy can lead to a large increase in the number of family planning clients at clinics following the implementation of different communication campaigns. The campaign should be targeted at both men and women, although challenges might be encountered in the rural areas with low literacy level.



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