Big brother Nigeria

The top 5 Big brother Nigeria housemates have vital lessons you can learn about personal brand building, and OLUMIDE is here to help you spot them.


Big brother Nigeria

Nina rode on the “Miracle” Factor to get into the top 5. It all began with her choice of a partner, and somehow they were able to create an interesting partnership and won fans. But be that as it may, she didn’t have enough equity in the partnership. It was all about Miracle. She rode on his goodwill until they fought. At that point, fans of the partnership had to choose where their loyalty rested. Nina however flattered to deceive, only for the final polls to reveal her true weakness.

Lesson: while it’s good to ride on partnerships at some point in your brand building, you must bring something to the table. You need to have strong equity that can make you stand alone if/when there is a need to.


Big brother Nigeria

Alex was supposed to be one of those boring and easily dispensable housemates until her dancing talent came to the scene. Her partnership with Leo came with a unique story of its own that was rather uninspiring and childish to viewers. And it would not have been enough to keep her in the house if partnerships had not changed. Her switch to Tobi was the game changer for her.

Although Leo’s eviction seemed like bad news, ironically, it was the catalyst to her coming out of her true shell. With Leo, she was nothing more than her dancing, and a sulking baby. But with Tobi, she had a voice, a personality and mind of her own. She became enjoyable, and of course, her talent was a plus. And that was enough to ride her to the fourth position.

Lesson: Talent is great, but it’s not enough if you are inhibited. Watch who you are with and your environment. You need to surround yourself with people who give you inner freedom, and not with people you need to always depend on for survival.


Big brother nigeria

Tobi was the dark horse of the competition, but he wasn’t meant to be. He was destined to be a top contender who had all it takes to win the game. But his dysfunctional relationship with Cee-C lost him fans before it was even time to gather fans. And you’d have to agree that he never quite recovered nicely from that. Everything he did after then was not very much in his favor, especially when his image had to continue to suffer from the “gossip” tag.

He was able to form a good partnership with Alex and maintain a good relationship with most people in the house to escape eviction as often as was needed to reach top 5. His stock rose again after the dispute with CeeC in the final week that went viral, but “pity” couldn’t do enough damage control to restore his goodwill among Nigerians. He had to settle for third, even when people expected him to land the second position.

Lesson: You may have all it takes to become a big brand, but you need to be careful with your brand image. Every piece you put together to build a brand matters, and you need to be meticulous about it. One early mistake in your brand building, and you may never get the chance to put things right again; not even with a perfect damage control strategy. At that point, what you earn is a pity, and not trust.


big brother nigeria

Cee-C was quite a handful in the house. Her highlights were mostly about her fights than her good moments. Her journey began with a largely dysfunctional relationship with Tobi. The switch in pairings gave them some much-needed break and landed her with Lolu; that partnership was also headed for the rocks after an altercation.

She soon became notorious for her difficult nature and got into fights with different housemates at different times while going on and off with Tobi. Almost everyone that had issues with Cee-C got a bad tag; Nina (dumb), Alex (wicked), Tobi (gossip), Lolu (cocky). Everyone was to blame except Cee-C. Tobi eventually withdrew from her to be with Alex, and that made her bitter. She was sidelined by most of the housemates, but remained strong and would not back down in a fight.

This won her fans on the outside, but the opposite on the inside. She did more to dent her image when she rained expletives on Tobi in the final week of the competition. Nonetheless, her stubborn will and more importantly, dauntless fans on the outside were still able to buy her the second position.

 Lesson: You can’t build a good and lasting brand on controversy. As much as publicity either good or bad is publicity, the long-term effect of Branding is key.  People are still more of an emotional consumer than logical. People will buy into you based on how they FEEL about you (perception) and how you make them feel. And the referrals you enjoy is from these two factors.  More often than not, controversy won’t yield you a good result, no matter how close you get to achieving it.


big brother nigeria

Miracle, by all estimation, was the true alpha male; the one we came to love effortlessly. There was a real plan to his game. He bossed the game in every way you can think of it, had his emotions in check, had an emotional partner in Nina, and even when there was friction between them, he didn’t allow that affect his game. He also had a bromance going on with Tobi, and they shared a healthy rivalry at the Payporte games, which he won most of the time too! What more? He emerged Head of House a couple of times and won wagers for the house in his tenure.

As quiet as he looked, his victories were loud. While Cee-C was getting popular for being hated, Miracle was getting popular for being loved. Everything worked out fine for him, and he had males and females joining his fanbase on a weekly basis. And boy! They voted, massively! It was no surprise that he won the game eventually.


Lessons: there has to be a plan or strategy for your brand building, and you must remain focused on the big picture. Let your victories do the talking, and keep a healthy atmosphere around yourself. You will earn respect, love, and speed on your journey to success in the brand you are building.

This is not exhaustive. I am sure you have lessons you have gleaned from them too. Please be free to share in the comments.

Thank you.




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